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Hello! My name is Alice and I never really know what to say in these spaces, but here goes…

I honestly don’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing or making something. My mother is also the crafty sort, and always encouraged my creative exploration as well as provided the necessary tools and supplies for my experiments. I distinctly remember asking for (and getting!) a real hand saw and hammer for Christmas when I was seven.

I started out as an art major in a nearby state collage, though that only lasted a year before I changed my major. But I never stopped making. All through collage (and for several years after) I had a dressmaking and alterations business that I ran from wherever I happened to be living.

Fast forward to 1998 when I began to homeschool my oldest and went looking for pretty (but not childish or baby-looking) nature inspired materials. When I couldn’t find what I was searching for, I began to create them myself and illustration began to take up a larger part of my creative time.

In addition to drawing and painting, I love to spin (especially alpaca) natural fibers into funky yarns and to carve or whittle little things from fallen and trimmed branches. I garden (avidly) and read (mostly non-fiction) and keep a few hives of bees. I am also a hopeless dark chocolate addict, love tea (especially green) and am an incurable introvert.

Thank you so much for stopping by!